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City adventure!
Feel the peace on the water

A special SUP experience that deepens your feelings for peace that can only be felt from the river. Passing under the Aioi Bridge, which was the target of the atomic bombing, and looking up at the Atomic Bomb Dome from the water, this is a special experience that will burn in your mind.

Hiroshima boasts the highest water surface area in Japan, at 15%. And more than 350 Gangi steps are also the best in Japan.

It is a waterfront city both in name and reality.

This tour will make you realize that Hiroshima is the most peaceful city in the world.

This is the first SUP tour in Japan that uses an electric assist. You can easily experience even the fast current due to the tidal difference. In addition, the tour from Hiroshima Station to Peace Park, which was too long for beginners, is now possible, giving you a high sense of adventure. Using the latest waterproof intercom, you can listen to lectures and tourist guides even if you are far away.


●Yokogawa to Peace park  ¥8800
●Hiroshima station to Peace park ¥13200

A plan to go around the Kusunoki-cho ~ Peace Park section with SUP.

You can walk to the river in about 3 minutes from MAGICISLAND.
Before entering the river, we will stretch using a paddle and do a simple trunk training, and give a lecture on basic rowing in a polite and easy-to-understand manner for both beginners and women.

We keep a close eye on the tides and weather of the day, and monitor the condition of the guests, so you can enjoy it at your own pace without overdoing it.


① [Meeting] Please come to MAGICISLAND. (Please contact us by phone by 19:00 the day before due to fluctuations in weather and tide levels.)


② [Preparation exercises, how to use the paddle, explanation of how to row] Start with an explanation of the experience and warm-up exercises. First of all, before entering the water, carefully stretch and use a paddle to prepare for yoga.


③ [Cruising ~ Commemorative photo] Aim for the Atomic Bomb Dome while practicing smooth rowing! Once you get used to it, you can enjoy the scenery around you. Commemorative photo in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome! * Those who participate in the optional tour (+1000 yen can be selected) After cruising, go on a guided tour of Peace Park!


④ [Dismissal] Thank you for your work. It will be dissolved at MAGICISLAND. (Shower facility available) *The flow above is a guideline. Please note that the flow may change depending on the situation on the day.

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